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Store Stand

Stands are one of the most popular types of stores. The creativity in the design of stalls for the delivery of products in the stores is an effective factor in conveying the sales message of your brand.

Cosmetics Stand

The use of cosmetics brand, to showcase the products of a cosmetics brand, create a place to test its brand cosmetic products and, as a result, purchase that cosmetics brand.

Metal Stand

Metal stamping is in the form of a metal stand, a metal table cloth and a wall-mounted metal stamp, which, in cases where it is needed, requires more strength, durability and durability.

Plexi Stand

Design and production of cosmetic and stationery styles that require less weight and more attractive appearance are usually made with plexiglas and plexiglas with wood and amidif.
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Yalda Campaign

The Yalda Night Promotional Gift Campaign and the corporate gifts that brand owners give to their customers during these days has been a popular propaganda gift for years. On the other hand, because there are fewer brands for the Yalda night, they are more effective and more likely to remain in the minds of the audience and customers.
The importance of the gift that you give your customers when you realize that the customer brings to you the customer. This marketing method is the best and most durable and sometimes the least costly way to sell your products. A customer that brings you a customer is a gift you give yourself

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Vanisha Design Studio is a team that develops, develops, or designs new products from a number of thoughtful, constructive, and solvable issues.
Vanisha is a design based POSM and promotional items production firm based in Tehran, currently moving the boundaries of creativity in points of sales as well as other marketing touch-points. With carefully matched well educated team of designers in diverse fields of design we are capable of producing new creative items for our clients to increase their sales and improve their brand images.our network of production is as vast as Iran's industrial capacity, and with the help of our production managers we are able to build any designs using a wide range of materials and techniques.

Knowledge is not enough. Knowledge must be tested on experience. We do not claim to know everything but we are constantly learning more and more to keep the universe alive with action.
  • یونیلیور
  • تجارت الکترونیک پارسیان
  • بوش
  • طبیعت زنده , سینره
  • بانک سامان
  • یونیلیور , داو
  • کوبل دارو
  • به پرداخت ملت
  • بانک شهر
  • بانک اقتصاد نوین
  • ماموت
  • طبیعت زنده , اینلی
  • بانک مهر اقتصاد
  • آریا کیمیا تک
  • شرکت مهندسی و ساختمان صنایع نفت
  • نفت پارس
  • یونیلیور , سان سیلک
  • آریا کیمیا تک , شون
In the marketing and sales literature, phrases are sometimes used which sometimes are not clear to everyone. Three terms with a close meaning: the point of sale, the point of purchase and the point of contact, need further explanation

What is the point of sale and the point of purchase and the point of contact?


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November 12, 2018
هدایای متفاوت و ماندگار

وانیشا، راز هدایای متفاوت و ماندگار

وانیشا، راز هدایای متفاوت و ماندگار   ” وانیشا، راز هدایای متفاوت و ماندگار ” این شعاری بود که سال 1389 روی کاتالوگ‌های وانیشا دیده می‌شد. آن […]
November 10, 2018
هدیه تکراری ندهید! هدیه یلدا را متفاوت انتخاب کنید

هدیه تکراری ندهید! هدیه یلدا را متفاوت انتخاب کنید

هدیه تکراری کم‌کم ریشه برندتان را در ذهن مشتری می‌خشکاند!   چرا؟ چه اتفاقی میفته اگر یک هدیه را به تیراژ زیاد تهیه کنیم و هر […]
October 22, 2018
مذاکره موفق، تعامل شهودی با هنجارهای مشتری

مذاکره موفق، تعامل شهودی با هنجارهای مشتری

مذاکره موفق، تعامل شهودی با هنجارهای مشتری در حال مذاکره هستید؟ احتیاط کنید افراد و سازمان‌ها همه یکجور نیستند   بعد از حدود 10 سال کار […]
October 15, 2018
کمپین "بازگشت به مدرسه"

کمپین “بازگشت به مدرسه” تا خرداد ادامه دارد

کمپین “بازگشت به مدرسه” تا خرداد ادامه دارد   کمپین “بازگشت به مدرسه” یکی از کمپین‌های داغ بازاریابی ، فروش و برندینگ است که با پایان یافتن […]
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